Content is king!

With all the technology available to distribute e-learning, it is easy to forget that the most important thing to focus on is setting and achieving learning goals that are relevant to our learners.

Ask not, “is it pretty and loaded with new fancy features?” ask instead if your students are learning what they came to you for. Once you have determined your learning goals and built your content, then you can look at how you will deliver it. Part of your Needs Analysis will also help you define the best way to distribute your course -whether it is online or in a classroom. Some courses are not served well with a self-paced online delivery; others do well with this type of delivery method.

An example of what I feel is a good match between content, learning goals, and delivery method is our series of General Insurance Licensing Exam Preparation Courses at ClickPlay2Learn.

In the case of the Level 1 Course, we took a 5-day course and broke it down to 80 lessons between 20 and 45 minutes in length. We focused on specific micro-lessons to cover the required examination curriculum requisite.

We present each module as a micro-learning course that could stand on its own if offered separately.

This modular packaging of the course keeps it engaging while offering flexibility for the learner in setting their study time. 

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