Content is King

When looking at the many online courses today, you can see a variety of topics, with quality levels from mediocre to outstanding, prices from free to hundreds of dollars for a class. It can be quite confusing.

Depending on your background, you may be comfortable with course design but not with the technology behind publishing online courses (learning management systems), or you may even wonder where to start at all.

Although I started teaching in the early eighties, I did not publish an online course until 2009. Looking back at that first course, I realize how many things I do differently now. 

experience is a great teacher, but a brutal one.” CS Lewis

When, as I did, you publish online courses for a fee, every mistake can cost you a lot in money and time. I remember having to re-record entire sessions because the quality was unacceptable, or there was a mistake in the material I was presenting. 

I also learned over the years, what equipment works best, and what tools are ‘good enough’ for great results. 

Quality is important, but publishing 4K videos is less critical than having content that matches your learning goals.

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